Saturday, 7 February 2015

4 Seks Positions That Drive Women Crazy

1. Missionary
According to seks experts, women get the most pleasure out of basic missionary seks. “Interestingly, when we surveyed women, good old-fashioned missionary was the overall favorite. There's nothing fancy about it, but women said they loved the closeness and the intimacy of having their partner's weight on them,” says Solot. But in order for position to be most effective, Los Angeles-based seks expert and radio host Lora Somoza says to make sure you’re entering her at the correct angle. “By going in diagonally—rather than straight in and out—there’s more friction for clit stimulation, which is best, since that’s how most women achieve climax.”

2. Reverse Cowgirl
In this position, the man is either lying down or in a sitting position, and the female straddles him backwards — facing his feet instead of his face. It’s a key position that also allows easy access to the clit, says sexologist and sexuality educator Megan Andelloux. “Because of the easier clit access, this position is the one that is most likely to facilitate an orgasm because direct clit stimulation is easy to engage in.”

3. Doggie 
Doggie is a great position for the woman because it allows her to have optimal control. “She is able to adjust her range of motion for an angle that feels best,” says Amy Levine, a seks coach and founder of Ignite Your Pleasure. “He can likely stimulate her G-spotie and have access to her clit with his hand, her hand or a toy.” Sexologist Gloria Brame, Ph.D. also stresses the importance of clit stimulation while in the doggie position. “She will rarely have a climax if you’re not doing something manually in front at the same time,” she says.

4. Girl on Top
Another position that allows her to have the most control of her climax is when she’s the one on top, facing forward. But Somoza explains that it still needs to be a joint effort. “You can help her by moving her hips up and down. It’s a communication thing,” she says. Levine adds that when the woman is on top, “she’s in control of the depth and motion, as well as having easy access to her clit for pleasure.”