Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Should I Fight for My Relationship?

True relationships are the ones that can keep going when small problems arise. These are relationships where both partners learn to effectively communicate, trust and cope with one another differences. No relationship will ever be easy or problem-less. A successful relationship takes a lot of work and compromise.

A strong relationship will be built on trust and communication. Make that the backbone of your relationship and you will overcome any obstacle. It makes no sense to hide your problem because it will manifest in your actions and you will be hurting yourself the most.

Many people hide their problems because they hate the fights that usually occur. Sometimes these fights occur as a result of how you come across to the other person. Never blame the other person for their mistakes regardless if it's obvious that they are wrong.

What is the benefit of telling someone that they were wrong if you know that they don't believe they are? The person may also know that they are wrong and are trying their best to do better but just tired of always being blamed and hearing harsh words.

You have take into consideration the possible mental state of the person. What you need to do is state clearly what the issue is and then try to make suggestions as a team as to what could make the situation better.